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Running Injuries: Risk Factors & Recovery among Recreational Runners in Lebanon

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The National Wellness Network
since 2018

The National Wellness Network (NWN) is a non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) that is registered in Lebanon (reg. number 1503, 2018) that aims to empower and serve at-risk populations and promote the eight dimensions of wellness across Lebanon. NWN is located in Rashaya (West Beqaa area), Hasbaya (Nabatieh Governorate), Aley (Mount Lebanon), Semqanieh (Chouf area), Damour, Jal-el-Dib, and Beirut. The Network partners with local, national, and international organizations to conduct awareness campaigns, community research, implement interventions, and offer primary medical care in its specialized clinics. Since its establishment in 2018, NWN has benefited over 10,000 citizens across Lebanon, regardless of their religious, political, or geographical affiliation. The majority of our beneficiaries reside in rural areas, where access to medical services, education, and training is uncommon, and where our centers and teams of volunteers are active.

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NWN services are offered free-of-charge or for symbolic fees, and include: vaccination campaigns, health awareness and disease prevention campaigns, environmental awareness campaigns, cultural events, life-skills training, educational campaigns in advocacy, citizenship, and democracy, and primary medical care within specialized clinics (including ENT, ophthalmology, pediatric care, neurology, optometry, psychiatry, physiotherapy, cardiology).


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A space to make the real change and for our voices to have power.
Headshot photo of Dia Hommos

Dia Hommos

YMDA Cohort 1

The program came by as a hope that there are people who still believe in youth and their potentials.
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Issamar Safa

T.E.A.C.H Cohort 1

I am so glad I was accepted in YALA! Program. It unlocked my potentials and gave me the opportunity to sharpen my skills with respect to communication, leadership and everything related to political management.
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Lea Jammaz

YMDA Cohort 1

YALA! Program is the first opportunity I got to step out of my comfort zone, to learn and experience the change I want to see.
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Sana Abou Ibrahim

YMDA Cohort 1

Thank you for everything and the opportunity to learn something new and we hope we get more opportunities like this.
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YES - Education Student